Why "Make in Vietnam" instead of "Made in Vietnam"?

August 25, 2020 | 09:39 am GMT+7

"Make in Vietnam" is an expression to emphasize the initiative in the creation and design of high-tech products by Vietnamese.


 Some people will wonder about the meaning of the slogan "Make in Vietnam," created by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) with the aim of promoting the domestic ICT industry. There are many hidden messages in this slogan.

If "Made in Vietnam" is associated with the place of origin, localization rates, tariffs, import and export, the slogan "Make in Vietnam" initiated by the Ministry of Information and Communications has a completely different meaning.
"Make in Vietnam" is a term to convey the strategy, the call and the shift in the development direction of Vietnamese digital technology enterprises.
Similar to the meaning of this phrase, "Made in Vietnam" does not care where the technology is imported from, whether the production is assembly or research or manufacture, as long as those values are produced in Vietnam.
As for "Make in Vietnam", the Ministry of Information and Communications wants to have a strong shift from assembling and processing to creating and designing, thereby giving birth to Vietnamese digital products.
When implementing the "Make in Vietnam" strategy, businesses will have to be more creative and design more, thus mobilizing Vietnamese intelligence, and solving the problems of Vietnam. The added value in Vietnam is also higher than merely processing and assembling.
Through the "Make in Vietnam" strategy, Vietnam will improve the quality of growth, build an autonomous economy and participate more deeply in the global value chain. This approach will help Vietnam soon realize the goal to become a modern industrialized country.
Without "Make in Vietnam", Vietnam will hardly be able to become a developed country. Without “Make in Vietnam”, we will not be able to make contributions to the development of humanity.