What Viettel brings to Mobile World Congress 2018

March 1, 2018 | 10:14 am GMT+7

Viettel is the sole Vietnamese company to exhibit its products at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this year. Here is what the Vietnamese telecoms giant brings to the world’s largest mobile show.




Viettel's booth at Mobile World Congress 2018

First is its data monitoring system which helps Viettel to thoroughly understand each user’s experience with its services so that the carrier can develop solutions to optimise its network and design services in order to tailor them to each user’s habits and preferences.
Next is Viettel’s anomaly detection system which is being used to protect more than 90 million subscribers in nine countries across the world in which Viettel is doing business.
The system helps to protect mobile subscribers from the risks of location tracking, wiretapping, fake phone numbers and having money stolen from their accounts.
Viettel also offers two security solutions known as Viettel Mobile Security, to proactively protect mobile devices from malware, and Viettel Cloud Security to provide protection for small and medium enterprises.
Also on exhibition at MWC 2018 is Viettel’s real-time cost calculation system vOCS 3.0, which is being implemented to manage 140 million subscribers in six countries, as well as banking service Bankplus, VR tourism and an online learning social media network.
A Viettel representative said that, in addition to introducing its technology solutions, its presence at MWC 2018 is an opportunity for the firm to expand its cooperation with global partners in the same field.