VNPT-Vinaphone targets to become second biggest mobile service provider in 2016

January 14, 2016 | 09:26 am GMT+7

Chairman Luong Manh Hoang recently said Vinaphone hoped to return to its place as the biggest mobile service provider in Vietnam, but first, the company is going to rise to the second place this year.


In order to regain its lost market share and customers, Vinaphone increased its 3G coverage to 2.5 times of 2014, installed 11,000 more 3G transmitters, 7,000 of which are 900 Mhz. Vinaphone is currently the only mobile service provider offering 900 Mhz 3G in all 63 cities and provinces.

Recently, VNPT signed a contract with Nokia Networks to expand VinaPhone coverage in the country. Accordingly, Nokia Networks is going to provide Vinaphone with the Single RAN technology, as well as the necessary equipment, products, and services to help develop the infrastructure of VNPT-Net for Vinaphone’s 3G service.
Moreover, VNPT general director Pham Duc Long told VIR that VNPT is going to change from copper to fiberoptic cables in 2016, improve its 2G/3G/4G services, its core network, mobile network, and start providing 4G as soon as receiving the licence from the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).
Besides expanding its coverage and increasing service quality, VNPT is going to continue expanding its distribution network, sales points, and improve customer its services with the aim of becoming the network with the best customer care.
In 2015, VNPT started improving its sales and customer care by separating the sales and tech functions and training its sales staff to be more professional. In 2015, the company also increased the number of retail points and reduced distribution through third parties.
Last May, state-owned Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group split into three entities for better management. The three entities operate independently in separate fields, specifically infrastructure (VNPT - NET), business (VNPT - VinaPhone), and value-added services (VNPT - Media).
According to MIC data, Vinaphone was the third biggest mobile service provider in terms of number of users at the end of 2014, trailing behind Viettel and MobiFone. As of the end of 2015 Vinaphone had 29.7 million subscribers, a 3.3 million increase during the year.