VNPT launches 3 corporations

May 19, 2015 | 01:08 pm GMT+7

3 corporations are: Telecommunications Service Corporation (VNPT - VinaPhone); Communications Corporation (VNPT – Media) and Network Infrastructure Corporation (VNPT - Net).


The announcement ceremony took place on May, 15th, 2015, in Hanoi. According to the announced decision, VNPT - Vinaphone and VNPT - Media are one-member limited companies, owned by VNPT Group holding 100% of the charter capital, operating under the mother-son model.  

VNPT - Net is a dependent accounting unit of VNPT Group, operating under the model of a Corporation and being registered to be active in the form of the business’ branch.
VNPT Vinaphone is established on the basis of the reorganization of the departments: Sales, Customer care, Technical service, Billing,… and some managing and supporting units of 63 provincial VNPTs, VinaPhone, VTN Company, VNPT-I Company and VDC Company.
VNPT - Vinaphone has the charter capital of VND 5,200 billion. Main activities are: telecommunication and information technology services and products, television and broadcast, multimedia, content services, value added services; consulting services, etc.
The goal of VNPT - VinaPhone to the year 2020 are: the revenue reaches VND 26,000 billion; the profit before tax: VND 3.300 billion; the average annual growth rate: 49%; the market share of mobile services: over 30%, the broadband service: over 80%.
VNPT - Media is established on the basis of reorganization of VASC Company, Centre of Information and Public Relations and departments of research and development, digital content, value-added services of VDC Company and Vinaphone.
Main activities are: software products and services, content services, value added services, communications, television activities, publishing, television program production, etc...
The charter capital of VNPT - Media is VND 2.300 billion. In VNPT-Media, in addition to the Office, project management board, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, there are 3 dependent accounting units: Television Services Development Company, Communication Services Development Company; Value-added Services Development Company.
Mr. Ngo Dien Hy, Deputy Director of Information technology and Value-added service Department (VNPT), is appointed to be General Director of VNPT-Media Corporation. 
VNPT-Net is established on the basis of reorganization of VTN Company; the telecommunications management and operation unit of VNPT Group; the infrastructure technology units of Vinaphone, VDC, VNPT-I and the technical infrastructure of the transmission switching centers in 63 provincial VNPTs.
Mr. Nghiem Phu Hoan is Deputy Director of VNPT Group and CEO of VNPT-Net Corporation.
On May, 15th, 2015, VNPT Group had also announced the appointment of: Mr. Luong Manh Hoang, Director of VTN Company, Member of the Members’s Council, to be Deputy General Director of VNPT Group, and General Director of VNPT-Vinaphone; Mr. Ngo Hung Tin, General Director of VNPT’s Technology Corporation, to be Deputy General Director of VNPT Group.