VNPT introduces inexpensive 4G smartphone

August 2, 2017 | 08:35 am GMT+7

VNPT Technology, a member of VNPT, introduced a new 4G smartphone called Vivas Lotus S3 LTE on July 29.

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The phone is the fifth generation of its Vivas Lotus line, with a solid metal chassis and double-sided tempered glass and a 5.5 inch screen with HD resolution of 267 pixels per inch.
The phone runs Android 6.0.1 and is equipped with a 1.3GHz core processor, 3GB RAM - 32 GB ROM internal memory, and a 3000 mAh battery. Its back camera is 13.0 MP (Auto-Focus) and the front camera is 5.0 MP.
It features many exclusive applications developed by VNPT Technology, such as TV on Demand, a Call Block application, an IPRadio - online radio service, and the VNPT App Store.
Supporting 4G LTE is an advantage for Vivas Lotus S3 compared to other smartphones in the same segment. It costs VND3.99 million ($175) and is targeted at middle-income earners and young people such as students.
The phone is a real Vietnamese smartphone for the middle class as it is Made in Vietnam. Prior to VNPT Technology, other Vietnamese tech companies such as FPT and Viettel also introduced smartphones for the middle class but they were manufactured in China.
The first generation Vivas was introduced in August 2013, which surprised the tech community because VNPT had not previously introduced a smartphone.
It also introduced SmartBox PC on the same day, which combines a personal computer and an entertainment device and stems from the long-term cooperation between VNPT Technology and Intel.
The SmartBox PC was researched and developed on Intel’s 64 BIT processor to meet needs in work and entertainment.
The VNPT’s partners distributing the products are VNPost, Pico, Havy Mobile, and Eco-mart.
VNPT Technology plans to supply about 3 million pieces of technological equipment to the market this year, a 1.5-fold increase compared to last year and including telecommunication network terminals and TV receivers.
VNPT Technology inherits the 20 years of experience of joint venture companies such as Alcatel Network Systems Vietnam - ANSV (between VNPT and Alcatel CIT from France), and Telecommunications Equipment - Teleq (between VNPT and Siemens AG from Germany).