VN web domain usage promoted

March 24, 2016 | 09:27 am GMT+7

The Viet Nam Internet Network Information Centre and HCM City’s Information and Telecommunication Department signed a co-operation agreement (March 22) on telecommunication and management of internet resources from 2016 to 2021.


The aim of the agreement is to increase the role of State management of internet resources, including domain and IP addresses, and to publicise and disseminate to the public legal regulations. Inspection of internet domain registration services are also part of the agreement.

The two sides will organise seminars and offer training to increase awareness about the need to register and use national internet domain “.vn”, the Vietnamese domain.
They will also co-operate in promoting inspections of international domain registration and usage in HCM City; and exchange databases and information about internet usage and development to each other.
In 2016, the two sides will organise a seminar on how to protect Vietnamese brand names with domain “.vn”, with the aim of increasing awareness about registering and using the national domain and Vietnamese domain for HCM City and neighbouring provinces.
Another conference about new legal documents related to internet resources will be held in the second quarter this year.
A course will be offered on usage trends for new internet address version of IPv6. The aim is to have HCM City lead all IPv6 implementation and application under the national plan.