VinaPhone delivers eSIM to pre-orders

March 8, 2019 | 03:44 pm GMT+7

VinaPhone yesterday distributed nearly 5,000 eSIMs for its customers who had pre-ordered this from January 2019. It also announced the official mass launch of eSIM onto the market from March 11, 2019.


This has marked Vietnam as the 25th nation in the world that offer this technology.

Any customers who want to change to eSIM will be supported online by VinaPhone at the address
Accordingly, these people need to access the website, then choose the option ‘Use QRCode to change to eSIM’. Next, they are asked to enter their phone imei and the received One Time Password (OTP). The last step is a scan of the QRCode sent previously from the system. The eSIM is then activated via a few simple actions. It is now available for use.
Obviously, eSIM technology is attracting much interest from Vietnamese mobile users since VinaPhone received more than 7,000 registration requests in less than a month.
The new technology will be available for all in need from March 11, 2019.
Deputy General Director of VinaPhone Nguyen Truong Giang shared that eSIM technology can be integrated with other features to offer even more utilities to users. His company is now developing applications especially to be integrated onto eSIM to better serve its customers.
At the moment, besides Samsung and Apple, other mobile phone manufacturers announced that they would follow the trend. This will deliver more hardware choices for Vietnamese users in the near future.