Viettel successfully develops Online Charging System

June 5, 2017 | 09:24 am GMT+7

The military-run telecom group Viettel on June 1 announced it has successfully run its Online Charging System 3.0 (vOCS 3.0) after six years of hard work and many failed attempts.


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The team of Viettel staff that successfully developed Online Charging System 3.0 (vOCS 3.0).
According to Viettel, it has developed the vOCS that enables operators to capture the full revenue potential through the provision of advanced data services, targeted promotions and relevant incentives to prepaid subscribers across Massaging, Voice, Data, Content, Media and more since 2011.
Viettel’s real-time solution is able to manage 24 million subscribers per site, doubling the capacity of the world’s current largest billing system. It is estimated that it will help the firm save more than 70 million USD in cost.
The vOCS 3.0 has been catering for about 140 million prepaid mobile subscribers across Timor Leste, Cameroon, Burundi, Tanzania, Peru and including 90 million subscribers in Vietnam. It made Viettel one of the world’s largest OCS suppliers, among Amdocs, Ericson and Huawei.
The firm plans to operate the system in all of its international markets and sell it to other operators worldwide.
It is part of the company’s goal to be among Top 3 telecom equipment providers of the globe.
The vOCS 3.0 won Silver Prize for the Most Innovative IT Service at the IT World Award which will take place in San Francisco, the US, on June 26.