Viettel products honoured at 2017 IT World Awards

June 30, 2017 | 11:25 am GMT+7

Six products of military-run telecom group Viettel were honoured at the 2017 IT World Awards held in San Francisco, the US, on June 27.


Editor-in-chief of Network Product Guide (M) and Viettel’s representatives

This is the second time a Vietnamese IT product has been honoured with the prestigious award.
Among the six products, the ‘Healthcare Ecosystem’ product won the gold prize for the ‘Best IT Products and Services in Healthcare’ category. This is a product of high social significance in the medical field. The product aims to be deployed at 17,000 vaccination establishments and more than 13,000 healthcare establishments. The system helps reduce 29 documents and the waiting time of patients by 50%.
Another product of Viettel, vOCS 3.0, was also highly appreciated in the ‘Most Creative IT Service’ category by the organising board. The vOCS 3.0 software is able to manage up to 24 million subscribers/sites, doubling the capacity of the most powerful existing charging system in the world. Moreover, vOCS 3.0 is derivable and can provide each user a personalized cost plan, which other OCSs could not.
Viettel is able to save up to US$70 million thanks to its self-developed vOCS 3.0, which has been applied in six countries of East Timor, Cameroon, Burundi, Peru, and Vietnam with the total subscribers of 140 million.
In addition, four other products of Viettel were also honored at the 2017 IT World Awards, including Customer Insight; Mocha application; National vaccination information management system; and Network security solutions (including Viettel Mobile Security and TAD).
The IT World Awards, organised by the US-based Network Product Guide, aims to honour outstanding names in the ICT sector, along with such internationally well-known names as Samsung, Dell, Cisco and Foxit Softward.
The Network Product Guide is published targeting technology enterprises in Silicon Valley in California, the US. It has a great influence on the IT selection among business leaders as well as end-users.