Vietnam’s mobile network operators start R&D activities on eSIM

November 7, 2018 | 10:15 am GMT+7

Soon after Apple began marketing its iPhone model with eSIM, two large Vietnamese mobile network operators started developing the technology, though there are only several smartphone models in the market utilizing eSIM.


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iPhone Xs and Xs Max are supported with 2 sims (Subscriber Identity Module), but there is only one physical sim, while the other is eSIM.

Simcard is the ‘bridge’ between user and network operator. Like traditional SIM cards, eSIM has the function of storing information of the subscriber and helps smartphone access mobile networks. However, the difference is that eSIM is integrated directly into smartphone’s hardware.

Experts predicted that mobile network operators will, sooner or later, have to support eSIM, because this is a trend all over the world.

A representative of Viettel, one of the three largest mobile network operators, said right after Apple launched its products integrated with eSIM, Viettel planned to work with its partners and Apple on implementing the integration and declaration of eSIM for Viettel’s subscribers.

As for VinaPhone, another large network, its representative said VinaPhone has taken the initiative in developing and experimenting eSIM through integrating the technology into electronic meters. The mobile network operator is also working with Apple to provide services to its clients.

To use eSIM, users need to visit transaction points to register for the service. If they want to cancel the service, they will have to inform network operators.

Digital Trends commented that with the appearance of the nascent eSIM technology, it is now the right time to say goodbye to traditional physical sim.

eSIM, or electronic sim, or embedded sim, has many advantages compared with traditional sims.

According to Digital Trends, the small size is one of the biggest advantages of eSIM over traditional sim because. The advantage does not have much significance for smartphones, but it will be helpful for wearable devices such as a smart watch.

With traditional sim, subscribers have to change sims when traveling abroad, because the destination doesn’t support the network subscriber is using. With eSIM, it will be easy to change with just several operations on the smartphone.

eSIM allows subscribers to change service providers easily. Instead of buying a new simcard and fulfill procedures to join new network, one can shift to a service of another network on the phone.

Experts think that eSIM is likely to be used for laptops, especially when 5G and 4G-LTE are applied on a large scale