Vietnam's IT recruitment demand drops in H2 2020: TopDev

July 28, 2020 | 09:05 am GMT+7

TopDev's report recommends that IT personnel should have macro perspective to rearrange their career plans in this varied market.

 Half of tech companies in Vietnam plan to reduce their headcount for the second half of the year 2020 due to effects of Covid-19, according the latest report by TopDev, an information technology (IT) recruitment platform.

The Vietnam IT Landscape 2020 Report showed that 37.1% of respondents will reduce less than 30% of total headcount in the second half of this year. Meanwhile, 14.3% of respondents said they would downsize by 30-50% their payroll and another 6.8% plans to trim their workforce by 50% to 70%.

However, about 41.8% of tech respondents plan to maintain their recruitment plans in the second half of 2020, of which 7% of tech companies say they will increase less than 20% of total headcount. 
IT recruitment trends 
In the second half of 2020, demand for project manager and software engineering manager will increase by 20% compared to the same period last year. Topping the recruitment demands are Developer and Software Engineer, followed by IT management and infrastructure expert, according to Adecco’s Deputy Director of Human Resources Chuong Nguyen.
Demand for IT technician, analyst and technical support team for assisting the majority of work-from-home employees is also expected to surge.

As predicted by the previous reports, highest-paying programming languages require special skills like Data Analyst, DevOps, Machine Learning or Al. Despite increasing demand for web developers, salary and demand for mobile developers are equal to other languages and programming skills.Though the demand for IT recruitment is currently on the rise, the IT market average salary has endured a slight impact. The market has undergone obvious movements and classifications in IT personnel at different levels. This phenomenon was most obvious in the pandemic as those who are more flexible and better met businesses’ strict requirements, would receive faster average salary increases than the market’s ones. 
CTO, CIO or Tech Management positions, which are considered the highest career goals, can get a salary of up to VND130 million (US$5,606) per month. 
As there will be new strategies from employers, the report recommends that IT personnel should have macro perspective to rearrange their career plans in this varied market. Businesses also start taking steps to exploit and transform themselves in this new normal era.