Vietnamese carriers extend info update deadline to mid-May

April 24, 2018 | 09:20 am GMT+7

Vinaphone and Mobifone, two of the three largest mobile carriers in Vietnam, have decided to extend the deadline for their subscribers to submit photos of their profiles and identity cards to May 15.




Customers waiting to update their information at an outlet of Vinaphone.

The announcement came a day before the previous deadline scheduled for April 24.
The other service provider, Viettel, has not issued a statement on whether they will extend the deadline but outlet staff said they would continue helping their customers submit their information after April 24.
According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, as of March 15, only 4 million mobile users had provided all the information as required by a Government decree.

Meanwhile, a whopping 34 million subscribers still have some information missing.

In recent days, outlets of the main carriers have been overwhelmed by the soaring number of mobile users visiting to complete the procedures for fear of service lockdown.
But Viettel staff at its outlets said that subscribers whose information is incomplete would not have their services suspended after April 24.
Our correspondent said long lines of people were still seen outside a Viettel outlet in central Hanoi, as they queued up to complete their registration.
Users of Vinaphone and Viettel can submit their profile and ID card photos through their websites and mobile apps but it is reported that these services have only been working intermittently in recent days.
In the meantime, Mobifone subscribers still have to visit the carrier’s outlets to have their full details updated.