Vietnam to honor Top 50 security experts

November 29, 2021 | 10:45 am GMT+7

Every year, Vietnam will honor the Top 50 security experts who have contributed to detecting security holes of national digital platforms.


On November 25, the international conference and exhibition on the occasion of the Vietnam Information Security Day 2021 themed "Information Security in Digital Transformation - Challenges and Solutions" was organized by the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) in collaboration with the Department of Information Security, the Ministry of Information and Communications. This is the 14th time the event has been held in Vietnam and the first time in online form.

VNISA Chairman Nguyen Thanh Hung said that Vietnam is one of the developing countries that has developed and issued a National Digital Transformation Program (to 2025, with orientation to 2030). For successful digital transformation, information security needs to be paid special attention and considered an important and inseparable factor in the digital transformation process.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung emphasized that to be safe, agencies must be aware of insecurity. The higher their sense of insecurity, the safer they will be. To be safe, digital technology must be used more, because it is through the use of digital technology that the problem is revealed and thereby the system is perfected.

The Minister also said to be safe, it is necessary to accept risks, promote international cooperation, make national digital transformation safe, have Make in Vietnam security products and digital platforms under development, but the collected personal data must be treated as in-use platforms.

According to Hung, all software and national digital platforms must be evaluated for safety. Safety must be present in every step, from development to evaluation and use. All these stages must comply with information security standards.

The Department of Information Security of the Ministry of Information and Communications must issue these standards and organize the evaluation. The Ministry of Information and Communications has added one more step, Bug Bounty - calling on experts to continue to detect security holes after the software has been put into use. Every year, Vietnam will honor the Top 50 security experts who have contributed to detecting security holes of national digital platforms.

“The Vietnamese government believes in Vietnamese information security businesses and will give them big tasks. At its first session, the newly established National Committee on Digital Transformation will officially assign some tasks to information security businesses,” he said.Regarding Make in Vietnam information security products, the Minister pointed out that protecting Vietnam is best with Vietnamese tools and the Vietnamese way. Whether Vietnamese people feel safe in digital transformation depends on Vietnamese digital platforms with high security and the protection of Vietnamese information security enterprises.

Representatives of VNISA said that IT businesses are well aware of their responsibilities to the country, and to the digital transformation process, and are committed to being ready to accept significant tasks in information security if they are trusted by the Government.

In 2022, VNISA will coordinate with ministries and relevant agencies to deploy activities to honor and promote Make in Vietnam security products and services and the development of high-quality human resources in information security and information security services, and will train young digital citizens in digital safety skills.