Vietnam ranks 9th in cyber maturity in Asia-Pacific region

October 28, 2015 | 08:36 am GMT+7

Vietnam was ranked 9th out of 20 countries in the Cyber Maturity in the Asia-Pacific 2015 Report released on October 26 by the International Cyber Policy Centre under the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).


The US topped the list with a 90.7 score, followed by Japan, the Republic of Korea and Singapore.

Australia’s rank has dropped to fifth, despite improving on its overall 2014 while ranked 6th and 7th were New Zealand and Malaysia with 72.8 and 68.3 points, respectively. China was in the 8th place.
Also present in the top 20 on the list were Brunei, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and the Democratic People’ Republic of Korea. 
According to Director of the International Cyber Policy Centre Tobias Feakin, Australia has lost its position because other countries have implemented stronger government approaches to cyber issues.
China might menace the US’ 1st place by 2020, he added.
Feakin reckoned the Asia-Pacific region continues to play as a major source in forming the world’s digital business and cybercrime disputes. 
The list is weighted under a 100 score scheme.