Vietnam ranks 25th in global smartphone ownership

June 29, 2018 | 10:25 am GMT+7

The latest report from the Pew Research Centre in the US shows that smartphone usage in many countries has increased significantly, including Viet Nam.

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Viet Nam ranked 25th on smartphones ownership. — Photo PRC

The centre conducted a survey of nearly 40,500 participants in 37 countries from February 16 to May 6 last year.

The survey also included trends and habits of internet and social network use.

South Korea ranked first in the smartphone category with 94 per cent of people using the devices, followed by Israel (83 per cent), Australia (82 per cent), Sweden, the Netherlands, and Lebanon (80 per cent).

Viet Nam ranked 25th on the list, with about 53 per cent of people owning smartphones.

In terms of internet penetration, Viet Nam, with more than 64 per cent of the population online, is below the world average (75 per cent).

South Korea continued to lead in this category with over 96 per cent, followed by Australia and the Netherlands (93 per cent), Sweden (92 per cent) and Canada (91 per cent).

In terms of social media, Viet Nam’s social-networking usage rate is at 53 per cent.

The two leading nations in this category are Jordan and Lebanon with more than 70 per cent, higher than technological powers such as the US or South Korea.