Vietnam ranks 13th in IPv6 adoption worldwide

March 8, 2019 | 03:38 pm GMT+7

Vietnam is 13th globally in Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) adoption rate with more than 14 million users, according to Google.


The information was revealed during a meeting of the Vietnam IPv6 Task Force in Hanoi on March 5.

The country ranked second in Southeast Asia, behind only Malaysia, and sixth in Asia-Pacific.
IPv6 is paving the way for the explosion of smartphones, tablets, IoT devices and other Internet-enabled devices, altering the way people, organisations and governments are connected.
Many mobile service providers have planned to switch to all IPv6 service to address the deficiency of internet addresses, simplify networks and save costs and resources. 
Vietnam has more than 58 million internet users out of its 90 million people and in excess of 125 million mobile subscribers.