Vietnam ranks 10th globally in IPv6 adoption

July 29, 2020 | 09:53 am GMT+7

Vietnam’s adoption of the Internet’s latest addressing scheme, known as IPv6, reached 44% as of June 2020, ranking 10th in the world (the global average is 22%).


 The information was released by the Vietnam Internet Network Information Centre on July 27.

Vietnam now has more than 36 million IPv6 users, and 25 million 3G/4G mobile subscribers.
In July, the centre also launched a programme to train 500 experts in Internet Protocol version 6 and the domain name system (DNS).
IPv6 is paving the way for an explosion of smartphones, tablets, IoT devices and other Internet-enabled devices, altering the way people, organisations and governments are connected.
Many mobile service providers plan to fully switch to IPv6 service to address the deficiency of internet addresses, simplify networks and save on costs and resources.