Vietnam moves ten places on e-government development: UN survey

August 8, 2016 | 09:28 am GMT+7

Vietnam has moved up ten places to become a nation with e-government development at a high level, ranking No. 89 out of 193 countries and territories surveyed in a recent UN study on e-government development.


The recently released United Nations E-Government Survey 2016: E-Government in Support of Sustainable Development is the ninth report after the 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014. It provides a review of the level of development of e-government - digital interactions between governments and people - in the 193 Member States of the UN.

The survey presents a systematic assessment of the use and potential of information and communication technologies to transform the public sector by enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, accountability, access to public services and citizen participation in the 193 UN Member States, and at all levels of development.
Accordingly, there has been a growth in the group of countries with very high level of e-government development (greater than 0.75), from 25 countries (13%) in 2014 to 29 countries in this year’s report (15%).
Around 34% (65 countries) have a high level of e-government development (ranging from 0.5-0.75), 35% (67 countries) have a medium development level (from 0.25-0.5), and the remaining 32 countries (16%) have a low level (less than 0.25).
According to the report, Vietnam is among countries that have made considerable progress on the level of e-government development, moving from the group of countries with medium development level in 2014 to the group of countries with high development level in 2016. It is currently No. 89 out of 193 countries and territories on the index (ranked No. 99 in the 2014 report).
In Southeastern Asia, Vietnam is ranked No. 6 after Singapore (No. 4), Malaysia (No. 60), the Philippines (No. 71), Thailand (No. 77) and Brunei (No. 83). For online service component, Vietnam is ranked 4th in the region.
The country has set a target of being placed among the top four countries in ASEAN on online service index and top three on e-government development index set by the UN by 2017.