Vietnam masters modern technology in security authentication

January 10, 2020 | 09:20 am GMT+7

Vietnam’s VinCSS Cyber Security Services Co., Ltd under the Vingroup JSC has been recognised with the prestigious FIDO2 authentication standard by FIDO Alliance for its VinCSS FIDO2 Authenticator product, making it one among 34 companies in the world capable of producing and mastering this state-of-art technology in the field of security authentication.


 VinCSS announced the information on January 6. Accordingly, FIDO2 is the overarching term for FIDO Alliance’s newest set of specifications, enabling users to leverage common devices to easily authenticate using online services in both mobile and desktop environments.

Around the world, there are currently only 13 countries capable of mastering this technology and producing FIDO2-certified authentication products, notably the US, Japan, Canada, Germany and the UK.
The event marks a milestone for VinCSS in the world security technology community, putting it in the ranks of tech giants with FIDO2 certification in the world like Google, Apple, Microsoft or Fujitsu.
To achieve certification, the VinCSS FIDO2 Authenticator product must pass a complex technology compatibility test over two consecutive days. All the product’s operations must be compatible with all popular browsers and interactions with 10 authentication servers specified by FIDO Alliance which must have zero errors.
VinCSS's engineers had to pass a direct interview from the FIDO Alliance's examination board with tough questions about the technological design details of the product.
Finally, VinCSS must present a set of supplier specifications with all specifications for FIDO Alliance to evaluate.
According to Nguyen Phi Kha, Director of VinCSS’s Research and Development Centre, after nine months of research and development, at the end of December 2019, VinCSS was certified by FIDO Alliance to achieve the FIDO2 certificate. This ground breaking success marks a big turn in modern network security in Vietnam, said Kha, adding that VinCSS would introduce a series of practical products and services for customers in the near future, such as a managed security service provider (MSSP), Zero Trust Flatform, ThreatHunting and IoT Security Lab.
FIDO2 authentication standard is considered the safest way to authenticate, aiming to eliminate the difficulty of having to memorise too many passwords for end users, while eliminating the risk of fake attacks or accounts being hacked into. FIDO2 has been supported on all popular browsers, products and services of major technological suppliers including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung and Sony, with FIDO2 certificated products becoming a trend of transformation around the world with an ever increasing number of users.