Vietnam makes first WiFi Mesh 6 device

August 22, 2022 | 08:53 am GMT+7

VNPT Technology, a subsidiary of VNPT Group, has officially launched a WiFi Mesh 6 device, which is the first Make-in-Vietnam WiFi Mesh 6 device on the market.


Explaining why VNPT decided to participate in a segment that is controlled by foreign enterprises, Mr. Ly Quoc Chinh, Deputy General Director of VNPT Technology, said that this is the most appropriate time because terminals using WiFi 6 devices have become popular.

According to Mr. Chinh, another important reason for the popularity that IoT connection devices such as laptops, TVs, cameras are increasingly popular in Vietnamese households. In addition, users have increased demand for applications that require large bandwidth.

He said that WiFi Mesh 6 is not just a device but includes an ecosystem of WiFi Mesh, Fiber Home Gateway devices, cloud management system, and mobile apps. This allows for easy and fast deployment of a unified WiFi Mesh network.

With Vietnam mastering both hardware and software design of WiFi Mesh 6, users have a new, more secure choice. Compared to foreign-made products, internal devices help users get better support for software updates and security patches.