Vietnam jumps two places in UN e-government rankings

July 15, 2020 | 10:03 am GMT+7

Vietnam climbed two positions to stand at number 86 amongst 193 countries in the e-government development index (EDGI) rankings, as compiled by the United Nations.


Over the past six years, Vietnam has been moving up the rankings, from number 99 in 2014 to 89 in 2016 and 88 in 2018.
In Southeast Asia, Vietnam ranks 6th behind Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and the Philippines.
According to the 2020 survey, Vietnam was in the high EDGI group, with a value of 0.6667, higher than the global average of 0.5988.
It is also higher than Asia and Southeast Asia’s respective EDGI values of 0.6373 and 0.6321.
With regards to component indexes, Vietnam recorded significant improvements in telecoms infrastructure and human capital, jumping up by 31 places and 3 places respectively.
The online service index dropped by 22 positions but Vietnam is still one of the low and lower-middle-income countries to deliver rather well in online service provision.
This is thanks to the government’s efforts to increase the number of public services provided via digital means.
Besides the EDGI, a country’s e-government development was also assessed through the e-participation index (EPI), in which Vietnam moved up two positions to number 70 out of 193 countries.
Another aspect examined in the survey was the open government data index (OGDI) where Vietnam was placed in the group of middle OGDI, ranking at number 97.
Vietnam has set a target to make it into the top 70 countries in terms of EDGI as part of the national digital transformation programme towards 2025 with a view to 2030.