Vietnam joins AI chatbot development race

January 26, 2024 | 09:38 am GMT+7

Seeing the promising future of AI chatbots, domestic IT businesses have decided to participate in the race to create their own to serve Vietnamese people.

At the end of November 2023, Amazon Inc. from the US introduced its AI chatbot called Q for businesses. This product is a strong competitor against ChatGPT by OpenAI, Bard by Google, and AI-related features in Microsoft software pieces.

In Vietnam, VinBigdata JSC. is one of the fierce racers to develop AI chatbots in the world. In December 2023, it launched ViGPT – the first AI chatbot using Vietnamese – for end-users and an integrated version into the multi-cognitive AI platform VinBase 2.0 for enterprises.

Prof. Vu Ha Van, Scientific Director of VinBigdata JSC., shared that this application erases the dependence of Vietnam on foreign products and gradually increases the precision of the information on Vietnamese culture and history, while reducing the data flow abroad.

Technology expert Nguyen Hong Thuc believed that 2024 is the year to implement AI technology into practical tasks to serve the community.

In particular, AI chatbots can effectively analyze statistics on Excel or Word documents before composing a corresponding report with useful illustrated charts. An AI secretary can manage documents, records, appointments and schedules of both individuals and companies. It can also arrange meeting agendas or write invitations. An AI designer can automatically search for suitable images on the Internet before making marketing pictures and video clips as requested. It is able to work non-stop round the clock.

“Obviously, the practicability of AI technology has allowed AI chatbots to be used widely everywhere. A conventional application can simply attach a chat box to implement AI elements. This is convenient for startups to develop technological products with AI chatbot frameworks”, said Mr. Phuc.

CEO of Vbee Ho Minh Duc stated that AI applications have become more advanced and user-friendly. Current competitions for AI-related products make technological giants find better ways to serve their clients, meaning more diverse and high-quality applications at cheaper prices (ChatGPT Plus is now offered with the price of US$2 per month) or even free of charge (Google’s Bard).

As the market is swiftly growing, giving birth to different ecosystems and business models, technological partners and programmers can exploit them to invent their own models. Formerly, such major problems as language processing, computer vision, chatbot, or callbot could hardly be solved. Thanks to the implementation of AI technology, it becomes much simpler with open source codes at very low costs.

Taking advantage of the resources of technology companies also helps reduce product development time and expenses. Fewer human resources are needed for core technologies, data establishment, and machine learning because of new AI models.

In the upcoming time, AI technology will be more widely spread in society and enter every step of human’s life instead of merely appearing in business operations. It allows the creation of virtual beings to help human beings and automatic machinery in production, as well as the decision making based on consulting data. Everything will become smarter to effectively serve the community.