Vietnam joins 6G race

March 25, 2022 | 01:55 pm GMT+7

Although the 5G network has yet to be commercialized, Vietnam plans to enter the 6G technology race in 2022.


In 2021, mobile network operators Viettel, VNPT, and MobiFone tested 5G services in 16 provinces/cities, with more than 500,000 subscribers.

Nguyen Phong Nha, Deputy Director of the Department of Telecommunications (Ministry of Information and Communications - MIC), said that the MIC will officially license 5G commercialization in 2022 and soon cover industrial parks, high-tech parks and high-demand areas. Along with the commercialization of 5G, Vietnam aims to start researching 6G networks in 2022.

"Vietnam must be in the leading group in terms of 5G and 6G development. Vietnam will allocate 5G frequencies and developing 5G networks nationwide, and start 6G research right in 2022," said Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung.

He also announced that Vietnam will be one of the first 10 countries in the world to have a 6G Steering Committee. He said that 6G frequency will be licensed in 2028 (if possible), before the commercialization of 6G services.

China began researching 6G technology in 2018 and plans to introduce the technology to the public by 2029. The US started implementing 6G research in the same year and a wireless technology research alliance in North America named Next G was established in 2020 with the participation of technology and telecommunications corporations such as Apple, Google and AT&T.

South Korea plans to introduce 6G in 2026 with the participation of LG, Samsung and SK Telecom. Korea's investment in the digital economy, including 6G, amounts to 11.7 billion USD.

Meanwhile, Japan started 6G research with the participation of Sony, NTT and Intel in 2020 and plans to launch this next-generation connectivity technology by 2030, with a $9.6 billion development fund for 6G and other technologies.

European countries, with the participation of Finland, Germany, the UK and Russia, have embarked on 6G research since 2020.

Vietnam is one of the few developing countries that have announced participation in 6G technology research.

Vietnam is also one of the first countries that trialed 5G technology. In early 2020, the first 5G call was made on Viettel's network in Hanoi.
In Vietnam, Viettel has successfully researched 5G products, including 5G core network, 100G Site Router, gNodeB Micro and Macro radio network. This group has also tested a complete 5G network cluster in December 2021. This has created a springboard and confidence for Vietnam to enter a future-led technology game.

Although 5G has not been commercialized in Vietnam yet, 6G, with a wireless network replacement cycle every 10 years, could be launched as early as 2030. Therefore, if countries develop 6G technology, they will have a huge advantage in commercializing and leading the technology. Some Vietnamese mobile network operators have planned to join the 6G game.

There aren't any 6G standards yet, but in theory, 6G is estimated to achieve speed of 1 terabit/s, which means that on average, users can download 142 hours of video content at the highest resolution per second. Compared to 5G, the theoretical speed of 6G network is 100 times faster.

A Viettel leader said that in 2022, Viettel will continue to develop semiconductor technology to produce 5G chipsets in Vietnam, and at the same time start research 6G technology. But perhaps the world will start testing 6G in 2025, so at least by 2023, Viettel will have to research 6G and wait for application in 2028 or in 2030.

Huynh Quang Liem, General Director of VNPT Group, said that the country that masters the world's new technology will have many advantages. It is not too early to research 6G technology from the time 5G is commercialized, because the research process for a new generation usually takes 8-10 years.

VNPT leaders said that in 2022 VNPT continues its strategy of expanding 4G coverage and commercializing 5G as planned and according to customer needs. At an appropriate time, VNPT will join the 6G game.

Obviously, research and development of 6G is a game of the future, with the participation of the most potential technology powers. Vietnam's participation in that game shows its confidence and willingness to join the world in the latest technology generations.