Vietnam-Japan Wireless Solutions and Technologies Conference

May 3, 2018 | 10:52 am GMT+7

On May 2, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam held the conference "Vietnam-Japan Wireless Solutions and Technologies". Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Phan Tam attended and delivered a speech.


The conference is organized to introduce and share the Japanese experiences on the application of wireless solutions in economy, society and other factors.
Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister Phan Tam said that the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam recognized that this was a good opportunity for experts in the field of information and communication technology in general, in frequency management in particular, to exchange and share technology updates. This is also an opportunity for experts from the two countries to exchange views on policies and directions for the development of wireless technologies to develop long-term plans.
The wireless communication is a very effective tool, helping people connect, come close to each other and expand cooperation with foreign partners. Therefore, for many years, the Ministry of Information and Communications has always paid attention, supported and created conditions for local and foreign wireless operators in Vietnam.
However, along with it, the Ministry of Information and Communications will face many challenges in terms of management, Deputy Minister Phan Tam added. He affirmed that the research and development of radio control and monitoring systems is also a key task of the Ministry.
Particularly, in the framework of the conference, the signing ceremony of the agreement on non-refundable grant for MLAT Cooperation Program at Phu Quoc International Airport between Vietnam Air-traffic Management Cooperation and the Japan’s Radio Company, was organized.