Vietnam integrates databases for Covid-19 prevention, control tasks

August 16, 2021 | 09:56 am GMT+7

Along with the active work of the medical staff, the technology human resources are trying to develop useful software pieces to serve Covid-19 prevention and control tasks in hope of putting the latest outbreak under control at the earliest time.


The Prime Minister has assigned the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) to launch consistent technological platforms nationwide to create more convenience in performing Covid-19-related tasks.

MIC immediately released an urgent official dispatch to leaders of all provinces and municipalities regarding the implementation of the three mandatory technological platforms in the whole country: electronic health declaration and information management of people entering and exiting public sites via QR codes; online platform to support Covid-19 test sample collection and result delivery; Covid-19 vaccination management.

The first platform, accessing via the address of, is used to ensure close monitoring of individuals going into and out of a public location as well as easily tracking suspected cases to timely stop the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

The second platform is supposed to help local medical forces to minimize direct contacts with the public and traveling efforts.

Head of the Authority of Information Technology Application (under MIC) Do Cong Anh shared that only the personal information in the last 30 days of people on shared platforms can be saved. Any data older than that are automatically erased beyond restoration. Only authorized agencies are allowed to access these information pieces to serve Covid-19 prevention and control tasks. The unification of pandemic prevention data is under the management of the Health Ministry, while MoIC is responsible for platform development and data security maintenance.

Deputy Director of the Electronic Health Administration (under the Health Ministry) Nguyen Truong Nam stressed that the Government’s decision on the launch of consistent shared platforms is absolutely logical and prompt to boost the effectiveness of Covid-19 prevention tasks. Now that the three platforms are mandatorily used, all data of all regions in the country are integrated, and thus making it easier for management and exploitation.

Nam insisted that all regions must implement these platforms simultaneously and seriously, avoiding imprecise data at all cost, as directed by the Health Ministry and MoIC. Otherwise, the effectiveness of these platforms will be significantly reduced.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huy Dung also agreed with that view, saying that the pandemic is happening in the whole country, and people can travel from this province to another. Therefore, the databases collected by each region must be extremely precise and synchronous to be useful to other regions.

In related news, Ho Chi Minh City itself has also tried to integrate data of medical apps currently used here like HCMC Healthcare app, 115 Emergency Management app, Covid-19 Vaccination Management platform, Information Management System for Covid-19 infection chains.

HCMC Healthcare app assigns a QR code for each user, containing valuable information such as Covid-19 test result. This code is synchronized with the one issued by MoIC and can be used widely in MoIC’s related apps.

The app so far has been installed in over 26,000 state and private units in the city, collecting more than 41 million health declarations, among which are 827,304 forms detected as highly risky cases. All of these 41 million papers are synchronized and integrated into the national health declaration database of MoIC.

Vo Thi Trung Trinh, Deputy Director of the HCMC Department of Information and Communications, commented that the integration of medical declaration data between HCMC and the national ones ensures the effectiveness in Covid-19 prevention and control tasks here. The individual and location QR codes issued by the app is uniformed with the national code.

115 Emergency Management app, co-developed by the HCMC Departments of Health and Information & Communications, is used to link data between the patient management system, quarantined individual management system, and 115 emergency system to timely serve Covid-19 patient receipt and transport tasks done by the 115 Center and hospitals around the city.

Covid-19 Vaccination Management platform is the product by the HCMC Information and Communications Department, the Authority of Information Technology Application, the HCMC Health Department, and Viettel Group. All data of the platform are regularly uploaded onto the database of the Health Ministry so that city dwellers are issued a vaccination certificate / passport precisely and promptly for their domestic and international travelling needs.

The Information Management System for Covid-19 infection chains launched by HCMC Center for Disease Control (HCDC) at the address of

This is a specialized system to directly serve Covid-19 prevention and control tasks in the aspects of identifying and tracking F0 cases, recording Covid-19 test results to manage infection chains. Information in this system is frequently updated and standardized from local data of all districts and functional agencies. These information pieces are then integrated into the common database of the city for ease of access.