Vietnam businesses using AI

October 29, 2018 | 08:43 am GMT+7

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in Vietnam in the fields of healthcare, finance & banking, transport and education.


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AI has been applied in many business fields in Vietnam

Vietnamese have also created AI apps which are in not inferior to those of other countries.

Scientists say AI has been applied to help automation of delivery, traffic control, and customer demand forecasting and inventory management in the retail industry. 

AI also helps diagnose diseases in early development stages and hospitals set up "smart hospitals" where no paper is used. AI also helps businesses improve customer service.

In the banking sector, AI is used by TP Bank to develop digital banking. According to TP Bank’s CEO Nguyen Hung, the chatbot named TAio on Facebook Fanpage has been used since late 2017 to improve service quality.

The app helps TP Bank give replies to 1.5 million customers who make transactions at the same time.

In the retail industry, FPT Shop, The Gioi Di Dong and Lotte Mart now use Insider to forecast customer behavior to help them better approach targeted customers. 

The app analyzes customer behavior to find people who only buy goods during sale promotion campaigns, customers with high purchase capability and the purchase life cycle.

At Nguyen Kim retail chain, a chatbot is used to give quick responses to customers, classify customers for better management, and deal with customers’ complaints and bookings. Also through chatbot, Nguyen Kim sends tailored messages to every customer. 

Meanwhile, Prudential Vietnam uses Prubot, an AI app that automatically gives answers to customers about product information and promotion campaigns, and helps set appointments with insurance agents.

Creating made-in-Vietnam AI apps

Vietnam’s leading technology groups including FPT, Viettel and CMC have made heavy investment in R&D for solutions and devices using AI.

In June 2017, FPT.AI, an FPT AI platform was launched, reserved for coders to create interactive interfaces in natural language, integrate into conversation platforms such as Facebook Messenger and smart devices such as robots, mobile phones and controllers.

In early September, the new version of FPT.AI was launched with outstanding features compared with the old version. It not only allows bot creators to build conversation scenarios, but also supervise conversation history, thus helping talk to customers in a friendly and natural way.

eHospital, which has been used in 200 healthcare centers nationwide, is also a product of FPT.

One of the most outstanding AI apps is Voice Analytics, used by retailers. Voice Analytics can make suggestions about products that customers can buy when they enter shops.

CMC also used AI to develop a monitoring system that handles problems in information security incidents. It has been provided to a number of government units and enterprises.