Vietnam at high risk of APT attack

September 14, 2017 | 02:51 pm GMT+7

The Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT) has called on agencies and enterprises across the country to take measures to cope with a possible advanced persistent threat (APT) that is looming large.


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VNCERT vice chairman Nguyen Khac Linh said the center has detected signs of a cyber attack on important information systems in Vietnam through malware distribution.

The malware is dangerous as it may cause severe data destruction. It can protect itself from detection and make illegal breaks into computers to steal data and destroy information systems via servers outside Vietnam.

VNCERT asked agencies and enterprises to disconnect networks and devices from the servers suspected of spreading the virus. The center also provided a list of domain names and website addresses suspected of APT infection.

If computers are found to be infected, they must be isolated in a timely manner. VNCERT also required agencies and enterprises to update operating systems and software, especially Microsoft Office, and fill cyber security gaps.

The cyber attack hitting the national flag air carrier Vietnam Airlines in July last year was also an APT attack.

Hackers may send emails attached with malicious files. Therefore, security experts advised computer users to download suspected files in safe mode and update antivirus software.