Viet Nam to inspect TikTok to stop harmful content

April 25, 2023 | 04:36 am GMT+7

Viet Nam will conduct comprehensive inspection of TikTok next month to prevent harmful content and false information, the Ministry of Information and Communications said.


 In its announcement released Tuesday, the ministry said strict fines will be imposed if TikTok is found to have violated regulations.

TikTok, Facebook and YouTube are all cross-border social media with international standards. But when entering Viet Nam, these social media apps must to comply with Viet Nam’s laws, including regulations on content management, tax payments, and advertisement.

TikTok entered Viet Nam in 2019 after a year of beta testing. The app now has around 49.9 million Vietnamese users aged 18 and above. Viet Nam ranks sixth out of 10 countries with the biggest number of TikTok users, according to research company DataReportal.

TikTok said it removed some 2.43 million videos uploaded by Vietnamese users in the first quarter of this year for violating its community guidelines. They were removed for violating guidelines related to nudity, sexual acts involving minors or inciting violence but also for frightening content, harassment, bullying, suicides, and others.

Many major foreign online service providers such as Facebook, Microsoft, TikTok, and Netflix directly registered, declared and/or paid taxes online into the Vietnamese budget. For example, TikTok paid VND 34.5 billion of tax in the second quarter of 2022./.