Viet Nam moves up 10 places in ICT Development Index

September 30, 2011 | 03:54 pm GMT+7

The 2011 edition of measuring the Information Society has been published by ITU. The publication provides ICT Development Index (IDI) and ICT Price Basket (IPB)- two benchmarking tools to monitor information society developments worldwide.


Vietnam moved up 10 places to the 81st position with an IDI increase from 2.76 in 2008 to 3.53 in 2010. This 28 percent improvement in IDI value is mainly due to an increase in the IDI use sub-index, with 13 mobile- broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants, up from no subscriptions in 2008.

Viet Nam jumped 16 places in the access sub-index ratings in relation to 2008, with significant gains in mobile penetration and international Internet bandwidth per user.

The official lunch of 3G services at the end of 2009 has contributed to more than doubling mobile subscriptions in the last two year, from 87 to 175 per 100 inhabitants.

According to telecom operator Vinaphone, the high-speed 3G availability of services such as mobile Internet games, multimedia, mobile- TV and online newspapers together with product introduction of iPhone and HTC products have all contributed to the country’s mobile- broadband success. International Internet bandwidth rates roses from 50 064 Mbit/s to 134 420 Mbit/s.

Viet Nam is now connected with three international gateways. The third Asia- America Gateway (AAG) opened in November 2009, connecting southern Asia to America by way of an undersea cable system network with an international transmission capacity of 500 Gbit/s.

In policy, the National Assembly issued a Law on Telecommunications and a Law on Wireless Radio Frequency, which took place in July 2009. The two laws aim to encourage all economic and private sectors to develop their telecommunication services, investment and infrastructure.

Viet Nam also ranked 12th position in Asia- Pacific region and 3rd one in top 10 countries that have the highest IDI worldwide.

The whole edition of measuring the Information Society 2011 can be downloaded here