Viet Nam information security Day 2010: “Digital Information Security National Plan - A Road ahead”

November 25, 2010 | 01:36 pm GMT+7

The third Viet Nam information security day Workshop was co-organized in Hanoi on 23 November 2010 by Viet Nam National Information Security Association (VNISA) and Viet Nam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT) and sponsored by Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC). The theme of this year is “ Digital Information Security National Plan- A Road ahead”. Deputy Minister of MIC Nguyen Minh Hong attended and delivered speech.


“The event will attract attention of public and be a useful activity for participants and society; building a safe ICT application and development environment will practically contribute to the successful implementation of the target to convert Viet Nam into an ICT power”, Deputy Minister Nguyen Minh Hong said.

Nowadays, society and life is always attached to ICT. Therefore, information security is becoming urgent for not only organizations but also individuals in society. In recent time, many cases of losing information security have been occurred seriously affected activities of organizations and individuals both internationally and domestically. One of Viet Nam’s leading online newspapers Vietnamnet was hacked seriously in few days ago is a typical example. Therefore, ensuring information security is responsibility of not only experts but also all society.


The Vietnam information security message 2010 was announced by Deputy Minister Nguyen Minh Hong at the workshop as “Building a safe digital world together and protecting information asset today for the tomorrow growth, implementing successfully digital information security national Plan to 2010 together practically contributing to successful implementation of project to convert Vietnam into a ICT power”.

At the workshop, VNISA announced ten (10) outstanding events of information security in 2010 and reported the result of information security status in 2010, comparing with the statistics of 2009. Besides, series of speeches were presented relating to national digital information security plan, high tech crime trend as well as security method for banking system, telecommunications network so on. All contents are available on website:


An exhibition was organized on the sideline of workshop aiming at introducing advanced security technology products of companies in the world.