Top ten events in information, communications

December 23, 2010 | 10:29 am GMT+7

The project, “To promptly turn Vietnam into a power nation in information technology and communications” was selected as one of the top ten events of the year in information and communications.


Other events announced by the Ministry of Information and Communications in Hanoi on December 22 included a national target programme, “To make information accessible to residents of mountainous and remote areas, border communities and islands”, and the National Assembly approval of the Post Law.

Among the top ten list were: telecommunication businesses leading the nation in tax payments, a move to tighten management of internet and games online businesses, information security identified as urgent and vital to institutions and businesses, a biggest ever international book fair, the first ASEAN Community festival of pictures, documentary and feature movies, the first-ever press fair held in Paris, and Vietnam winning first prize at an international writing contest held by UPU.

The Ministry of Information and Communications described the project on IT and communications power, which was approved by the Prime Minister this year, as a strategic project, creating a foundation for development of the information and communications industry.

A project on information development in remote and mountainous areas, islands and border areas aims to narrow the gap of benefits in this field between rural and urban people. The project is scheduled to benefit 3,000 villages, including 1,700 remote villages, in the most disadvantaged 250 districts, from 2011-2015. The project offers assistance in personnel training, investment in grassroots hardware foundations and supply of audio-visual equipment for target families./.