Smartphones and tablets alter digital landscape

January 20, 2017 | 09:30 am GMT+7

Recent analysis based on data from the comScore Mobile Metrix® and comScore MMX™ Multi-Platform services shows that the emergence of smartphones and tablets and the subsequent growth in consumption via mobile devices has dramatically altered the digital landscape in Vietnam. The report revealed a number of key findings.

Younger Demographics are Notably Heavy Drivers of Mobile Adoption

As with other global markets, multi-platform consumption is the new normal in Asia-Pacific markets for users of all ages.
Millennials demonstrate a higher propensity for multi-platform consumption but also, increasingly, mobile-only usage.
Vietnam demonstrates a more heavily mobile-only population than other global and regional markets, particularly among millennials, of whom around half access the internet via mobile devices.
Mobile Entities Now Offer Scale Approaching Desktop
The growth in consumption of mobile devices shows that viewers of mobile sites are now approaching the scale of even the largest desktop entities.
For publishers and businesses, this suggests equal importance in tailoring their offers to smaller screens and mobile usage.
Advertisers now have access to large audiences in new locations and times of day, presenting plentiful opportunities but also new considerations when managing the reach and frequency of their campaigns.
Function Dictates Choice of Mobile Device
While smartphones dominate the overall share of minutes within the umbrella of “mobile” and increasingly for digital overall, on a per-user level, tablet devices can offer greater engagement times.
Tablets are often favored for more considered, open-ended activities such as browsing travel destinations and newspaper content, whereas more instant activities such as checking sports scores, checking the weather, and searching often fall to smaller screens.