Sao Khue Awards boost formation of digital ecosystems

January 17, 2022 | 11:30 am GMT+7

The 2022 Sao Khue Awards, with the message “Boosting the formation of digital ecosystems”, were officially launched by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) on January 13.


As a result of great efforts, Vietnam saw a significant change in the world rankings of digital transformation in 2021, becoming one of the five most attractive nations in terms of information technology services.

Vietnam saw an internet economy growth of nearly 30 percent, the highest rate in Southeast Asia. Its online public services at level 4 increased from 30 percent to 96 percent. The country ranked 25th out of 194 countries for cybersecurity and safety, up 25 positions.

According to Ministry of Information and Communications, the year 2022 will witness s strong enhancement of digital transformation in all sectors around the country. 2022 will also be the first year for the implementation of new strategies including Digital Infrastructure, Data, Digital Technology Industry, Vietnam Digital Technology Enterprises, Digital Government, Digital Economy, and Digital Society. Technology businesses continue to be the pioneering force.

The 2022 Sao Khue Awards will continue its mission of selecting, promoting, and developing the brands of digital platforms, services, and solutions, thus contributing to using digital solutions to address socio-economic issues, towards forming complete digital ecosystems for all industries and fields.

The organising board of the awards are officially receiving registrations from now until the end of March 13.

The entries will be platforms, services, and solutions in the six categories of digital products and solutions, digital transformation platforms, pioneering technology solutions (AI, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, BlockChain, Robotics, VR, AR, XR, 3D printing), digital start-up products and solutions, new software products and solutions, and information and technology services.

The winners of the 2022 Sao Khue Awards are expected to be honoured on April 23.