Samsung programme challenges IT students’ algorithmic skills

November 8, 2016 | 10:14 am GMT+7

Samsung Việt Nam Mobile Research and Development Centre (SVMC) has launched the "Samsung Software Challenge 2016" - a computer software programming contest for university students in Hà Nội.


This is the second programming contest that Samsung has organised in Việt Nam. It has attracted 1,200 entries from university students across the nation. From the entries, the organising committee has selected 857 candidates to participate in the preliminary round.
Based on the preliminary round’s results, the 200 best candidates will be selected to advance through to the final round, which will be held at the Centre for Educational Testing-Việt Nam National University in Hà Nội on November 12. These top 200 candidates will participate in an advanced algorithm and programming skills contest. One first place winner will be selected, along with five second place winners and 20 consolation prizes, worth a combined total of VNĐ500 million.
There is also one trip to visit South Korea, including a tour of Samsung’s headquarters, which will be awarded to the six best candidates of the contest.
Speaking at the contest, Huh Chang Wan, vice president of Samsung Electronics Việt Nam and president of SVMC, said “Through this contest, Samsung hopes to create a valuable intellectual playground for Vietnamese youth, while creating opportunities for our company to evaluate Vietnamese university students’ programming skills versus the actual market demands. Samsung wants to use this event to develop young talent in the field of information technology, reinforce the talent pool and cater to Samsung’s long-term development in Việt Nam.”
In 2015, the first programme was held under the name Samsung Smart Art contest, encouragaing students to use the Samsung Mobile software development kit to create apps, services and games that were pragmatic for users. The event, which is expected to take place annually, will create an intellectual outlet for Vietnamese university students to exchange ideas and develop to meet local market demands and global competition.