Recruitment in tech sector grows with digital transformation

March 25, 2020 | 09:06 am GMT+7

A survey on salary by Robert Walters said that recruitment in Vietnam posted growth last year.

The technology sector continued to grow rapidly, while industrial enterprises continued to promote digital transformation.

The manufacturing industry also showed a great demand for talents as many companies shifted production to Vietnam.
Robert Walters, a professional recruitment consulting firm, recently released the Salary Survey 2020 in Southeast Asia and China.
The digital transformation is growing strongly in Vietnam as companies begin to leverage technology and data to drive business.
Changes in consumer behaviour continued to promote the use of smartphones. E-commerce as well as B2C (business-to-consumer) businesses have continually adjusted online and mobile strategies to remain competitive.
This boosted the demand for talented developers, it said in the report.
Apart from technology and the digital field, manufacturing also witnessed strong growth.
This was partly due to global events such as the trade war between China and the US, as well as other countries' belief in the country.
This drove the demand for professionals across the value chain, from planning to production, exports, sales and marketing.
As the Vietnamese economy continues to grow, the demand for business and investment analysts also increased last year, along with experts who help businesses make better and more proactive decisions.
Demographics showed that the country would continue to face a shortage of middle management this year, but there were signs that this was gradually diminishing as younger generations gained necessary experience to assume managerial positions, said the report.
The interest in recruiting professionals with the ability of multinational and bilingual communication skills also increased sharply, as Vietnam became a global member.
In order to recruit and retain top talents, managers would need to be more involved in the human resource strategy and look for more unique retention methods.
The company suggested some methods including financial incentives such as bonuses or shares, or non-financial benefits such as business opportunities in other branches.
In general, candidates expected to get a salary increase of 15-25 percent per year.
In the field of technology, this might be up to 50 percent. Seventy-two percent of professionals expected a bonus of more than 15 percent over their annual salary.
A good working culture and environment were the top motivation for job satisfaction, the report revealed.
Twenty-five percent said that career development was the main motive for them to change jobs.