Promote propagation about "Red Blood Drops Campaign" on Summer 2016

May 18, 2016 | 02:11 pm GMT+7

Ministry of Information and Communications has issued Document No. 1519/MIC-TTCS dated May, 12 th , 2016 requiring media agencies, Departments of Information and Communications, MIC’s units to promote the propaganda as well as mobilization of all classes of people to actively participate in voluntary blood donation in the summer 2016.


MIC requested the media agencies prioritize to inform about activities of "World Blood Donor Day", thereby enhancing the pride of blood donors, while encouraging all classes of people participate in voluntary blood donation to overcome blood shortages in Summer 2016.

The Ministry also asked the Departments of Information and Communications actively coordinate with the Departments of Health directing the information and communication of local press organizations reporting news, articles in the press, radio, television and broadcasting systems at district and commune levels to mobilize classes of people to actively participate in voluntary blood donation, in response to "Red Blood Drops Campaign" and "World Blood Donor Day". The Divisions of Culture - Information plan activities involving voluntary blood donation; hanging banners and posters; publishing leaflets, notices to agencies, enterprises, schools, residential areas to motivate people to take part in blood donation.
Besides, the units directly under the Ministry should be based on their functions and tasks guiding agencies, organizations and enterprises in their management participating in "Red Blood Drops Campaign" and " World Blood Donor Day". The Ministry’s Trade Union is the contact point and coordinates with Ministry’s Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Trade Union of units under the Ministry mobilizing their staffs participating in donation voluntary blood. The Department of Emulation and Rewarding is the contact point of the implementation of activities in response to "World Blood Donor Day" of the Ministry.