Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh's remarks on national digital transformation

October 14, 2022 | 11:03 am GMT+7

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, Chairman of the National Committee on Digital Transformation, delivered his remarks at a ceremony held on October 10 to celebrate the National Digital Transformation Day.


On April 22, 2022, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 505/QD-TTg on National Digital Transformation Day, taking October 10 every year as National Digital Transformation Day. 2022 is the first year National Digital Transformation Day is celebrated.

The Vietnamese Government Portal would like to introduce Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh's speech - the Government's message on National Digital Transformation Day 2022.

The following is the full text of the speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen,

In response to National Digital Transformation Day, I am delighted to attend the "National Digital Transformation Day 2022 Celebration". This is an important event, held for the first time, demonstrating the determination of the Party, State, the whole political system, business community and people nationwide to continue promoting national digital transformation, and develop the digital economy, digital society and digital citizenship.

First of all, on behalf of the Government, I would like to send delegates and guests respectful greetings, kind regards and best wishes.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Along with the trend of green transformation, digital transformation is an inevitable trend that is evolving very strongly, widely and daily. Digital transformation contributes to bringing into play the strength of the nation and the power of the times, internal and external resources, and helps to effectively solve the relationships between the State, the market and society; implementing three strategic breakthroughs in terms of institutions, infrastructure and human resources; promoting economic growth; improving labor productivity, competitiveness and efficiency of production and business; decreasing the product price; reducing administrative procedures, troubles, time and costs for people and companies; helping governments at all levels improve management capacity and effective administration.

The Party and State attach great importance to and consider digital transformation as one of the critical tasks in the process of industrialization and modernization of the country. Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said: Consider digital transformation as a breakthrough new method to shorten the process of industrialization and modernization. Documents of the 13th National Party Congress mention digital transformation, digital economy, and digital society in national goals, development perspectives and strategic breakthroughs. Resolution No. 52-NQ/TW of Politburo emphasized the urgent need to accelerate digital transformation. The Government's national digital transformation program to 2025, with a vision to 2030, is implemented in the direction of comprehensive digital transformation with the participation of the people, business community and state administrative agencies.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Over the past time, Viet Nam's national digital transformation has achieved positive results: (1) Awareness and actions on digital transformation have many changes; (2) The formulation of strategies, and improvement of institutions, mechanisms and policies are concerned and directed; (3) Investment in digital infrastructure is increased, and many digital platforms continue to be developed; (4) Database creates the foundation for Digital Government, communication is promoted; (5) Online public services are deployed more effectively and extensively; (6) Information security and safety continue to be focused; (7) Financial and human resources for digital transformation are enhanced; (8) The contribution of the digital ecParonomy to GDP is increasing.

On behalf of the Party and State leaders, I recognize, praise, and appreciate the efforts, determination and results achieved by all levels, sectors, localities, business communities and people, making an essential contribution to our nation's digital transformation.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today's results are just the beginning, and we still have numerous tasks to fulfil. To effectively and substantively implement a national digital transformation, we must have a systematic strategy and focused implementation, creating a change in social management and operation.

The Government's cross-cutting point of view is that people and businesses are the centres, the subject, the goal, and the driving force and resource of digital transformation. Digital transformation must let people and businesses benefit from public services and social utilities more conveniently, efficiently and faster, and they will create resources for development. On National Digital Transformation Day, I would like to send to all delegates, distinguished guests, state administrative agencies from central to local levels, the business community and the people GOVERNMENT MESSAGE on accelerating national digital transformation in the coming time:

First: Focus on improving mechanisms and policies, effectively implementing the National Digital Transformation Strategy. Synchronously develop institutions, digital infrastructure, digital platforms and digital human resources. Implement solutions to improve Vietnam's ranking on e-Government, Innovation and Global Competitiveness according to the criteria of international organizations.

Second: Improve the rate of administrative procedures handled online. Enhance the quality of online public service delivery, raising people's satisfaction. Focus on implementing the project of developing the electronic application of population data, identification and authentication for national digital transformation in the period of 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030, bringing practical benefits to the people. Avoid inconsistency in information, figures and data, disunity, and fear of losing interest and collisions.

Third: Synchronously implement solutions to develop and improve the quality of digital human resources in association with innovation and application of science and technology. Focus on training digital skills associated with the market and meet the requirements of the national digital transformation.

Fourth: Enterprises need to accelerate the process of bringing production and business activities to the digital environment, establishing effective digital service delivery channels, especially e-commerce and online payment. Promote investment in developing digital infrastructure, especially shared digital infrastructure; focus on investing in research and development; strengthen international cooperation in digital transformation. Ensure harmonization of interests between the State, people and businesses.

Fifth: Strengthen communication on the benefits of digital transformation so that state agencies, people and businesses understand the benefits and effectiveness of digital transformation and actively participate in and enjoy the benefits of digital transformation. Promote guidance and support for people to use online public services, utilities and digital services safely and effectively.

Ladies and gentlemen,

With the determination, initiative, and creativity of the entire political system, the business community and people over the past time, we believe that the national digital transformation will have many positive changes, contributing to promoting the renewal of the growth model and completing the goals, tasks and solutions for socio-economic development in 2022 and the Five-Year Plan 2021-2025. These efforts contribute to building an independent and self-reliant economy associated with proactive, extensive, substantive and effective international integration for a powerful and prosperous Viet Nam, where the people are well off and happy!

I wish you health, happiness and many successes!

Thank you./.