Press agencies asked to focus on popularizing good examples

March 16, 2019 | 09:19 am GMT+7

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc urged press agencies to focus on popularizing good examples in order to spread fine values and consolidate spiritual foundation for national development and protection cause while he was addressing the opening ceremony of the National Press Festival in Ha Noi on March 15.


 With fast, accurate, objective and honest information, press agencies are not only the communication channels of the Party and State but also promptly and honestly reflect expectations and comments of people as well as bring reliable news to people, he added. 

The PM  asked for enhancing the management of press agencies and social networks, highlighting the responsibilities of media and press agencies in struggling against corruption, waste, negative phenomenon, and "self-transformation".
The Government leader said pressmen need to improve professional skills and ethics and get themselves constantly updated with  advanced communication technology and new press methods. 
Mr. Phuc stressed the meaning of the national media conference and the spring media conferences at localities, which have improved the status of press associations and the role of the press in society. 
The Party, State and people always highly spoke the role of press, regarding the press as a core communication method and a widespread forum of people, he said.  
This year, the national media conference has attracted the participation of more than 80 press agencies. A number of activities such as seminars, forums, exchanges, photo exhibition and awards for articles and reports on the environment, climate change and natural calamity prevention will also be held.