PM lauds Huawei Group’s contribution to IT growth in Vietnam

February 16, 2017 | 09:14 am GMT+7

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc hailed the contributions of Chinese Huawei Group to Vietnam’s information technology development during a meeting with Chairwoman of the group Sun Yafang in Hanoi on February 15.


Welcoming Huawei’s expansion of operation in Vietnam, the PM said that he hopes Huawei will strengthen partnership with Vietnamese firms in online information security.
He affirmed that the Vietnamese Government will always create the best possible conditions for the cooperation.
The Government leader agreed with Sun’s proposal in giving more attention to the development of products serving the protection of online information.
Highlighting that the Vietnam-China relationship is growing across socio-economic fields, PM Phuc noted that two-way trade has exceeded US$100 billion, which is a favourable condition for businesses of both sides to foster partnership.
For her part, Sun expressed her impression at the Vietnamese PM’s attention to the promotion of affiliation between Vietnamese businesses and foreign partners, including Huawei Group.
According to the executive, Huawei, as one of world leading ICT solution providers with revenue of US$75.1 billion in 2016, is willing to share its experience with Vietnam in IT development.
Sun lauded Vietnam’s strategy for IT growth and noted her hope to contribute more to IT and telecommunication area in the country.
She added that the group is also keen on infrastructure development and products for information safety in Vietnam.
Huawei plans to hold training courses in ICT advances for Vietnamese students and ICT officials, which include courses in cyber security, with a total investment of US$250,000 per year, according to Sun.
The group will also launch a US$300,000 programmes to nurture telecommunications talents in Vietnam, while continue providing computers and ICT devices to schools in remote areas with an investment of US$100,000 per year, she added.
Huawei invested US$9.2 billion each year for research and development activities, she said, adding that Huawer has 180,000 employees in the world who are serving one third of the world population in the field of IT.