Platform hoped to help with digital transformation in education

October 12, 2020 | 08:48 am GMT+7

A school management platform called MISA QLTH was introduced by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) on October 9 with a view to helping promote digital transformation in Vietnam.


 Developed by the MISA Joint Stock Company, the platform focuses on education management, school management, a school-parent portal, and educational data analysis.

Essential activities at an educational establishment, such as student admissions, the management of paperwork on students, online teaching and learning, online examinations, staff management, and the management of school facilities are all integrated into the platform, thus effectively assisting managerial units at the ministry and school levels.
Already connected to the national data portal of the education and training sector, MISA QLTH is currently used at over 18,000 schools, 248 district-level education and training agencies, and nearly 50 provincial-level departments of education and training nationwide.
The platform is expected to have its connectivity with third-party partners enhanced in the time to come to boost online payments, e-invoices, digital signatures, online learning tools, and digital learning materials, among others.
Nguyen Huy Dung, Director of the MIC’s Authority of Information Technology Application, said that in the national digital transformation programme for 2025 - 2030, the education sector is among the priority fields to help improve the quality of human resources and educational management.
The introduction of “Make in Vietnam” tech platforms is of importance, and those developed by Vietnamese businesses suit local educational conditions, he noted, adding that MISA QLTH will not only help increase teaching and learning quality but also safeguard national digital sovereignty, with basic data on Vietnam’s human resources being saved in a platform owned by a Vietnamese company./.