Over 100,000 people learn online with 'Make in Vietnam' platform

September 10, 2020 | 02:07 pm GMT+7

The ‘Make in Vietnam’ online learning platforms offer an effective tool that helps people learn from anywhere, thus narrowing the gap between rural and urban areas.

 With the strong development of technologies and internet, e-learning has become more common in the world and in Vietnam. Vuihoc.vn, developed by a group of Vietnamese startups, is one of the best platforms now available in the market.

In September 2018, the founders of Vuihoc.vn project met and realized that online education is a market with potential in Vietnam and still lacks high-quality products.
In the large cities of Hanoi and HCM City, exam preparation classes run by excellent teachers are always overcrowded. Students from cities and provinces flock to the cities to attend the classes, because they cannot access high-quality lessons in their localities.
The outcome of the meeting was the establishment of Vuihoc.vn. This is a website developed as an online school which creates an open space for students to study in an internet environment.
The founders spent six months to design the product, which officially became operational in March 2019. The platform targets primary and secondary school students.
The currently used version of Vuihoc.vn was created after referring to online education models in China, India and Singapore. Vuihoc also applies advanced methods globally available, such as Mastery Learning, Individualization, Blended Solutions and Ebbinghaus.
Vuihoc.vn reported that to date the online learning platform has been chosen by 100,000 parents across the country.
Many parents are reluctant to allow their children attend online training courses. They fear that online learning will not be effective because their younger children would not be interested in online lessons.
The parents’ reluctance, according to Do Ngoc Lam, CEO of Vuihoc.vn, is the first question that vuihoc.vn has to solve. Vuihoc cooperates with leading teachers and uses the most advanced technologies to build a platform suited to students.
Vuihoc.vn uses many images and examples to help students better understand the lessons. The website also uses a system of bonus marks and online tests to encourage learners.
Vuihoc is upgrading the adaptive learning system which, after analyzing the learning results of every student, gives advice on the best learning roadmaps for students.
Vuihoc.vn was the only education platform reaching the final round of the competition Searching for Innovative Solutions 2019, the forerunner of the Viet Solution competition organized by the Ministry of Information & Communications.
Asked if Vuihoc would become the national digital transformation platform, Vuihoc’s CEO Dang Ngoc Lam said: “Vuihoc will firmly go step by step, but how far it can go will depend on many factors. Ambitions exist, but one needs to be practical and stand on his own feet."