Ninth mobile phone service provider gets licience in Vietnam

June 23, 2010 | 04:11 pm GMT+7

VTC multimedia Corporation (VTC) was granted licence on establishing and providing mobile phone services on the 3G platform by Minister of Information and Communications Le Doan Hop on 22 June, 2010.


Participating in the licience- granting ceremony were Permant Deputy Minisster of Information and Communications Le Nam Thang, VTC Director- General Thai Minh Tan and representative from EVN telecom company.

With granted licience, VTC officially became the ninth provider of mobile phone service in Viet Nam. Accordingly, VTC will provive 3G mobile service based on the infrastructure of EVN telecom company, which is connected to the current GSM mobile network. VTC is the top enterprise of MIC on television, digital service and telecommunictions services.

“To VTC, 3G network is not our destination, we will launch products using 3G techonology bringing new benefits to users’, said Mr. Chu Tien Dat Deputy Director of VTC Digicom.

At the ceremony, Minister of Information and Communications Le Doan Hop said that VTC will deploy telecommunications services, dominate market and improve qualification and reputation of enterprise. Cooperation between VTC and EVN will become new business cooperation model in the field of mobile information and communications and bring benefits to mobile phone subrcribers, especially 3G users.

VTC will officially launch its services nationwide by the end of 2010.