Nhan Dan newspaper joins press festival in Portugal

September 10, 2018 | 08:54 am GMT+7

A booth arranged by Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper at the Avante Press Festival in Lisbon capital of Portugal has attracted a great number of visitors who are interested in Vietnam’s people and culture, as well as its development and international integration.




This was the second time Nhan Dan Newspaper had attended the Avante Press Festival - an important political and cultural event hosted by the Portuguese Communist Party in September annually.
At the event, photos, materials, newspapers, books and publications introducing Vietnam’s renewal process, and national construction and defence under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), were displayed.
Vladimiro Vale, member of the Portuguese Communist Party’s political bureau, applauded Vietnam’s presence at the festival, stressing that Nhan Dan Newspaper’s booth brought value to the event.
The event reflected the two parties’ solidarity, friendship, cooperation and mutual support in building a peaceful and democratic world.
Many Portuguese showed their interest in Vietnam, saying that the event offers them a chance to meet with Vietnamese friends, and get more information about the CPV’s development policies.
They also expressed their love for Vietnam’s people, climate and food.
Covering an area of 25ha in Seixal city of Portugal, this year’s Avante Press Festival attracted about 250,000 people. The September 6-9 event featured hundreds of booths of communist and leftist parties from many countries. It contributed to enhancing solidarity among nations and advanced forces over the world.
Dozens of seminars related to all aspects from politics, economy, culture and society were also held within the framework of the event.