New book collection fetes revolutionary literature

December 22, 2016 | 12:06 pm GMT+7

A book collection on the HCM City’s revolutionary literature has been released, after five years of work by staff from prestigious research centres and associations.


The collection, Một Thế Kỷ Văn Học Yêu Nước, Cách Mạng TP HCM (A Century of HCM City’s Patriotic and Revolutionary Literature), includes 25 books totalling more than 20,000 pages.
The books were edited by a group of veteran authors, cultural and literary researchers led by Prof Mai Quốc Liên, director of the Việt Nam Writers Association’s Centre of National Culture.
The collection features 1,560 literary works in different styles, such as novels, short stories, dramatic plays, reports, poetry, and theory and critism, by 400 writers of the 20th century.
The works, written between 1900 and 1975, depict the city’s heroic history, culture and lifestyle, focusing on the patriotic struggle of local residents against foreign invasion.
Issued between 1975 and 2000, the works focus on the city’s changes and development for renewal in economy, culture and society since the the fall of Sài Gòn (former name of HCM City) on April 30, 1975. 
According to the collection’s chief editor, Prof Liên, all of the works in the 25 books will be invaluable for young generations.
“Through these books, people can learn more about the country’s history and culture and improve their love and respect for the country and older generations,” he said.
The collection received financial support from the city’s government.