Network operators struggle to attract new subscribers in MNP campaigns

December 3, 2018 | 09:11 am GMT+7

More data capacity and at-home MNP services are two benefits that large mobile network operators are offering subscribers.


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The three largest mobile networks last week began their MNP (mobile number portability) campaigns. In the first phase, as planned by the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), MNP is provided to 8 million post-paid subscribers. Meanwhile, pre-paid subscribers totalling 115 million and accounting for 93 percent of total mobile subscribers  will have to wait three months to receive the service.

On the first day of MNP implementation, VinaPhone stated “the fee for switching to VinaPhone is VND15,000 only”, and that more than 1,000 VinaPhone’s transaction points in 63 provinces and cities are ready to serve clients. 

Besides the fee, customers also have to pay VND35,000 for a network connection fee and VND10,000 for a simcard.
VND60,000 is also the total fee level applied to two other large mobile networks – MobiFone and Viettel. Customers can go to transaction points to ask for MNP services, order from the website and receive the service at home.

Viettel also allows customers to order MNP service via My Viettel, its application.

Meanwhile, MobiFone has offered many preferences. The mobile network operator stated that in the first phase of MNP implementation, it will support clients who have modern smartphone models by offering very attractive preferences on service packages and data capacity, it will also apply a policy on deposit money exemption.

MobiFone targets post-paid subscribers with MobiF, the package with no monthly subscription fee. 

The subscribers have data capacity six times bigger with unchanged fee, usable on 3G/4G platforms. In addition, the telco has also offered preferential international roaming charges with the reduction of up to 99.9 percent for data use and 77 percent for voice/SMS services.

According to the Telecom Agency, MNP is a driving force for telcos to improve competitiveness by upgrading service quality and customer care, especially loyal clients. 

Admitting that MNP would ‘have a big impact on mobile network operators’, Nguyen Truong Giang, deputy CEO of VinaPhone, said the network operator will have to strengthen service quality to become more competitive.

There is concern that important information as it relates to the fee of the calls could be confusing for callers. At present, inner-network calls have very low fees.

Nguyen Phong Nha, deputy head of the Telecom Agency, said there will be an app for customers to look up and download for use. Subscribers can check the agency’s data.