Nearly 60 million subscribers only use voice and message services nationwide

March 15, 2021 | 09:08 am GMT+7

Nearly 60 million mobile phone subscribers in Vietnam are using only voice and message services reported the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority (VNTA) under the Ministry of Information and Communications.


 VNTA statistics revealed that Vietnam had 132,52 million mobile phone subscriptions by December last year. Of which, mobile subscribers only using voice and message services were 58.68 million and those using data are 73.8 million.

With nearly 60 million subscribers using traditional telecommunications services, this is clearly a fertile market for telecom businesses to develop subscribers using data services.
In fact, not all subscribers using these traditional telecommunications services are using feature phones (an earlier generation of mobile phones), but most use smartphones but do not use data.
This can be demonstrated through VNTA statistics that the number of feature phone users was only 12 million in October last year.