National technology platform used to combat Covid-19 for first time

July 26, 2021 | 08:42 am GMT+7

The vaccination management platform is the first national technology platform shared by ministries, branches, local authorities and relevant parties to join forces to fight Covid-19.


The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) on July 20, together with Ministry of Health (MOH) and Viettel Group, organized a nationwide training course for using the Covid-19 vaccination management platform. More than 600 medical workers from 63 cities/provinces attended the online training course.

MIC has recently mobilized different resources to build technological platforms for the prevention and control of Covid-19. To date, six platforms have been deployed, including health declaration and entry/exit management with QR Codes, vaccination management, sample taking and testing result management, tracing support, quarantine supervision, and data analysis platform to help managers.

According to the platform developer, the vaccination management platform has four systems, including electronic health book application, Covid-19 vaccination information portal, national immunization support system, and response center (MCC).

The database of the platform is centrally managed, meeting the requirements on information synchronization and transparency, from people to management agencies.

MIC Deputy Minister Nguyen Huy Dung said the platform is designed to control the whole process of vaccination, from vaccine warehouse entry/exist, distribution and transportation to immunization. It manages every dose, every batch and every type of vaccine at each immunization facility.

“Technology will allow us to carry out immunization more quickly and conveniently, thus helping obtain the goals set by the vaccination campaign,” Dung said.

The vaccination management system will operate in a 5-step process to ensure the effective management, from vaccination registration to post-immunization control.

After people register for vaccination through the electronic health book and Covid-19 vaccination information portal, local health departments will approve and allocate doses of vaccines to district medical centers.

The medical centers will set up plans and dispense vaccines to immunization facilities, where the immunization will be implemented in accordance with the 4-step process as instructed by MOH.

After the injection, people can check results and vaccination certificates through the electronic health book and vaccination information portal.

Vietnam has launched the largest ever immunization campaign in history, under which at least 50 percent of people aged 18 or higher will be vaccinated in 2021 and over 70 percent of population will be vaccinated by the end of Q1 2022. About 150 million injections will be implemented.

Do Truong Duy, Deputy Director of the Preventive Medicine Department under MOH, affirmed that localities play a very important role in deploying the vaccination management platform. They need to enter data into the system to serve management.

Vietnam is trying to speed up digital transformation in the healthcare sector, under which each person will have a QR Code and healthcare record.