More than 14 urgent notifications about Covid-19 transmitted via Zalo in 2021

January 4, 2022 | 10:59 am GMT+7

Zalo, with 67 million active users, plays an important role in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam.


As direct contacts were restricted, Zalo showed its strength in connecting people and organizations. Many localities use Zalo for health declarations, Covid patient tracing, dissemination of urgent notices and updating Covid-19 patient lists. It is also an effective channel to receive information about Covid-19 from people.

The large campaign on taking samples for testing Covid-19 to detect positive cases was effectively implemented in HCM City thanks to Zalo. In Bac Giang, three Zalo channels were activated, including the Bac Giang e-government; Bac Giang IZ workers and Bac Giang public administration that serves the fight against the pandemic.

During the peak days of the fourth wave in July 2021, a number of Zalo accounts of provincial steering committees on Covid-19 prevention and control were set up, described as ‘quick response teams’, helping connect the steering committee and people.

As of December 2021, more than 14 billion urgent notifications were transmitted to people via the Ministry of Health( MOH) and provinces’ official Zalo accounts.

In many industrial zones, enterprises set up ‘Covid-19 safety teams’ on Zalo, through which leaders give guidance and remind workers of anti-pandemic measures at work. Zalo also helps agencies trace F1 and F2 contacts once plosives cases are found.

Helpful in vaccination campaigns

In June 2021, when HCM City initiated the large vaccination campaign, Zalo was chosen by the HCMC Healthcare Department as the platform that helps send messages to city residents to invite them to vaccinations.

Nguyen Quang Dieu from Zalo, head of the team in charge of the project on vaccination support, said the team gathered and asked to prepare technical infrastructure one day in advance. Zalo was assigned to help the HCM City Healthcare Department to convert raw information into standard data and send messages to each person.

Each citizen received detailed information about dates of vaccinations, locations and documents they needed to have, ensuring social distancing and preventing cross infection. Hundreds of thousands of messages inviting people to vaccinations have been sent.

The model has been successful in many districts and cities/provinces, including districts 7 and Go Vap in HCM City, Khanh Hoa province, Long Thanh, Xuan Loc and Vinh Cuu districts in Dong Nai

100,000 people receive aid via Zalo Connect

Zalo Connect is a feature of Zalo created to help people more easily seek support from the community. It also helps individuals and charity organizations find people in need to give support.

In July and August, Zalo Connect focused on food donations and medical advice. Later, when HCMC tightened the lockdown, Zalo introduced the feature of shopping essentials.