Mobile carriers prepare plans to prevent network congestion at Tet

February 5, 2016 | 09:44 am GMT+7

Local mobile phone service providers like Viettel, MobiFone and VinaPhone have drawn up plans to cope with network glitches, especially for the 3G service during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday (Tet).


Congestion was reported for 3G services as subscribers used smartphones to upload photos and videos on social networks rather than made calls or sent text messages on New Year’s Eve as in previous years.

Therefore, carriers with large numbers of subscribers will have to work harder to ensure normal operations of their 3G networks.
Around 600 festivals will kick off across the nation during Tet, with 115 expected to attract over 10,000 people, especial in northern localities.
Viettel said the number of 3G subscribers at these festivals will jump from 30% to 50% and much more data will be used.
The enterprise will improve local and international Internet traffic, deploy 90 base transceiver stations trucks to support mobile phone connections at crowded locations and make the most of information technology systems, among others.  
In addition, Viettel will use new antennas to double the capacity of its base transceiver stations and install nearly 150 Wi-Fi transmitters at 60 festivals and events to ensure service quality.
Similarly, VinaPhone will upgrade and improve its network capacity, check equipment and take measures to prevent congestion of the 3G network to ensure good operations during Tet.