MobiFone, VNPost to be rated as special corporations

July 1, 2015 | 02:21 pm GMT+7

Prime Minister agreed in rating MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation and Vietnam Post Corporation as special corporations, based on Decree No. 51/2013/ND-CP.


MobiFone and VNPost are corporations having the charter capitals of the parent company over VND 1,800 billion and meeting  conditions to be rated as special corporations.

Specifically, MobiFone with the mother-son model, is one of three main operators, along with Viettel and VNPT, forming Vietnam telecommunications market. MobiFone’s state capital is VND 15,300 billion currently. The number of MobiFone’s member units is 23. In the year 2014, MobiFone contributed to the state budget VND 5,399 billion and its total profit was VND 7,318 billion. 

VNPost with the mother-son model, is the single postal operator be appointed to establish, manage, exploit and develop the public postal network, provide universal postal services, as well as domestic and international postal services; keeps an important role in the economy. VNPost’s state capital is VND 8,122 billion. The number of VNPost’s units is 73. In the year 2014, VNPost contributed to the state budget VND 313 billion, and its profits was over VND 100 billion.